‘Age-Proof Your Body’ Class is Back in Session!

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age-proof your body: Movement x and NVA Logo

We’re delighted to announce a second series of our popular classes designed to help patients at Northern Virginia Family Practice (NVFP) get moving – safely, easily and effectively. Back by popular demand, the ‘Age-Proof Your Body’ 8-class series, led by NVFP and MovementX, focuses on the basics of movement, from strength and agility to balance and posture. If you’d like to join us for the entire series, or just try out a class, please contact NVFP at (703) 379-8879.

Check Out Our Moves! NVFP’s ‘Age-Proof Your Body’ Class Schedule

  • Mon, Sep 23rd 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #1: Movement Foundations
  • Mon, Sep 30th: 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #2: Core & Lower Back Strength
  • Mon, Oct 14th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #3: Walking & Running
  • Mon, Oct 28th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #4: Shoulder/Arm Mobility & Strength
  • Mon, Nov 11th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #5: Posture Analysis
  • Mon, Nov 25th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #6: Hip/Knee Mobility & Strength
  • Mon, Dec 9th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #7: Balance and Dizziness
  • Mon, Dec 16th, 10:45-11:45am & 12-1pm: Class #8: Endurance, Agility, & Speed

Movement Motivation #1: Who benefits from exercise?

Everyone! Exercise’s proven benefits help all by reducing the incidence of many chronic diseases and improving everything from musculoskeletal pain and bone health to balance and memory. In the ‘Age-Proof Your Body’ classes, you’ll create a solid foundation for incorporating exercise into your life with fundamental movements and strength-building habits. We’ll work together throughout the series to help you feel stronger, more independent, and more well informed about exercise and its many benefits.

Champions of Movement: NVFP’s Dr. Natasha Beauvais and MovementX’s Dr. Josh D’Angelo

age-proof your body: Natasha Beauvais, MDDr. Natasha Lewry Beauvais received her B.A. from Yale University and her M.D. and Master of Public Health degrees from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.  She completed her residency in Family Medicine at SUNY Stony Brook and at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Jamaica Hospital Family Practice Residency in New York City. At Northern Virginia Family Practice (NVFP), an Alexandria-based personalized medical practice, she emphasizes caring for the whole person and the whole family and values patient relationships built through long-term continuity of care.

My movement motivation: “As an athlete on the crew team in college, I was strong and fit, but like many people, I fell away from fitness when life became hectic. Now I’ve recommitted to staying strong. You can find me at Gold’s Gym in South Arlington nearly every morning before waking up the kiddos and starting my day caring for patients at NVFP.”

age-proof your body: Dr. Josh D'Angelo, DPT of MovementXDr. Joshua D’Angelo received his B.S. from the University of Michigan, his DPT from George Washington University and is board-certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties as an Orthopedic Specialist. His passion for personalized healthcare is integral to the approach at MovementX, a mobile physical therapy and movement health practice which utilizes the movement system to improve quality of life and the patient-provider relationship.

My movement motivation: “I seriously injured my back playing basketball when I was younger and didn’t get much relief from the pain until I started working with a physical therapist. He used hands, heart and words to guide me through the healing process. It is now my hope to provide the same high-quality care to others in a flexible, convenient and personalized fashion through MovementX.”

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like to attend an upcoming class, please contact Northern Virginia Family Practice at (703) 379-8879.

For additional information about MovementX, email Dr. D’Angelo at josh@movement-x.com

NFVP & MovementX participants NVFP & MovementX participates NVFP & MovementX participates NVFP & MovementX participates

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