Be Well, Virginia Town Hall: Featuring Robyn Brickel, MA, LMFT and Francine Ronis, LPC

No one can argue that COVID has turned our lives upside-down in a very short period of time. Almost overnight, we had to adjust to schools and jobs going virtual, distancing from friends and family, and working through strict restrictions on shopping, eating out, and our recreation. Our region has slowly been working its way towards re-opening, but how do we know what is safe? What’s the best way to approach this? And how can we manage all the stress we are feeling over it?

These are questions we are all facing right now, and Northern Virginia Family Practice is happy to give you some answers and assistance in navigating these murky waters. We welcomed back Robyn Brickel, MA, LMFT, who was featured on a previous Town Hall discussing Mental Health and COVID. Francine Ronis, LPC also joined us to give an additional perspective on the impact the pandemic has had on kids and teens in our community. We explored going back to work, meeting up with friends and family again, and returning to school from both mental health and public health perspective. Click the below video to watch, listen, and learn.

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