Be Well Virginia: View Our Fifth Virtual Town Hall

In our fifth town hall session, Dr. Beauvais welcomed the most wonderful cardiologist she knows, Dr. Azita Moalemi. Not only is Dr. Moalemi one of the most thoughtful clinicians, but she is also decidedly one of the best story-tellers!

Azita has been a trail-blazer in cardiology since her fellowship at George Washington University, where she was the first female cardiology fellow in the program.

Currently, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Healthcare Sciences at the GWU, and the president of the Amelia Heart and Vascular Center, named for its namesake trail-blazer in aviation, Dr. Moalemi has a wealth of clinical experience to draw from. She has held academic and private care posts in medicine for over twenty years. She takes a special interest in patients who have cardiac disease and cancer, as cancer treatments have many manifestations on the heart. She researches clinical manifestations of cardiac disease in women and understands the physiologic differences in the treatment of cardiac disease both based on gender and ethnic differentiators in cardiac disease.