• An Ounce of Prevention MD – Be a Loser! February 19, 2020

    Be a loser!

    No, not another “how to” on weight loss?!?!  Can’t we talk about diabetes, or pancreatitis or anything else???

    I get it.  There are about 27,000 weight loss books on Amazon, and a search of “weight loss blogs” on Google revealed almost 400,000 hits.  ...

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  • An Ounce of Prevention MD – More Zzz’s Please! February 5, 2020

    More Zzz’s, Please!

    If you’re like me, and you’re reading this in the morning before your first cup of coffee, you may feel a little groggy and bleary-eyed.  We all know it’s really common to have trouble getting moving in the morning.  However, if those morning cobwebs don’t ...

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  • An Ounce of Prevention, MD – Staying Healthy when Everyone around You is Sick! January 24, 2020

    Staying healthy when everyone around you is sick!

    Everyone in my house seems to have come down with an alien super virus, causing a rainbow-colored assortment of fluids to appear from various parts of our heads.  I’m expecting the Center for Disease Control to knock on my door ...

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  • An Ounce of Prevention MD – Behavior Change 101 January 7, 2020

    An Ounce of Prevention MD

    How to (try to) get yourself to do what you know you should

    The New Year is finally here, and this time you just know you’re going to start that diet and exercise routine ...

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  • Ounce of Prevention MD December 20, 2019

    My first health blog- Let’s Mention Prevention

    So, let’s start with the facts- I know a ton about preventive medicine, but very little about blogging.  I hardly ever read blogs, and IT, in general, is not my forte. But prevention is something that ...

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