Walk With The Doc Recap: May 10th

Last Friday, the monthly Steppin’ Out walk drew a friendly and enthusiastic gathering of NVPA patients, staff members..even a few dogs…to enjoy the benefits of a walk and relaxed conversation. Some participants included: Melanie Ward, Insurance Specialist Dana Vega, Reception and Patient Relations Dr. Natasha Beauvais Plus 4 canines!!!  

Spring Training

Spring Training: Ramping Up after a Long, Sedentary Winter Whether you went into hibernation as the result of a record cold winter season, or took time off from your usual exercise routine because of a busy schedule or illness, spring is an ideal time to get back in action. When done with care, starting or…

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Age-Proof Your Body Class Series: Walking & Running

Age-Proof Your Body Class Series: Walking and Running

Walking Speed: an important indicator of health There’s a lot you can tell about someone simply based upon how they walk! As healthcare practitioners, simply observing walking characteristics and gait speed can tell us information about: Balance confidence Overall health Emotion Ability to recovery from hospitalization and surgery Life Expectancy And much more! In fact, walking speed is sometimes identified …

Introducing: Age-Proof Your Body Class Series!

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This month, Northern Virginia Family Practice and MovementX were proud to introduce the first classes of the ‘Age-Proof Your Body’ exercises class series. The series is comprised of 8 classes that cover a variety of topics from strength and mobility to balance and posture. If you would like to attend an upcoming class, please contact Northern Virginia Family Practice at …

Age-Proof Your Body: Class #3 Summary

Our special “Age-Proof Your Body” exercise series continues! You’ll find a summary of class #3 below, and illustrations to help you try these at home. Please let us know if you have any questions. Our next class focused on Shoulder & Arm Mobility & Strengthening, will be held Monday, March 18th from 10:45 am-11:45 am and 12:00 pm-1:00 pm. Follow …

Thinking on Your Feet: The Latest on Warning Signs from Below

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Every step you take is a physiological marvel, made possible by the 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 ligaments of the foot working together to ensure maximum movement. The intricate sequence begins as your heel hits the ground, and ends with a push off the big toe at the same time the Achilles tendon lifts the heel, requiring a…

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