Dr. Ken Zweig Is In The News!

D.C.-Area Residents Are Struggling To Get Non-Coronavirus Medical Care

“As hospitals and local jurisdictions around the country have braced for a surge in COVID-19 cases, many of them have cancelled elective surgeries and other non-emergency procedures, as recommended by the American College of Surgeons and the U.S. surgeon general. That means that people all over the country are being forced to delay medical procedures they need. Others, are choosing on their own to delay medical attention and even urgent procedures, despite the fact that doctors are still willing to perform them.”

Dr. Ken Zweig says, “patients should not wait to contact their doctor if they think they might be sick.”  NVFP addresses that very concern during town hall meetings with patients over Zoom on Thursdays, which he and his colleagues are holding weekly in an effort to stay connected with patients.

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