Be Well Virginia: Antibody Testing COVID-19

In our first town hall, Be Well Virginia, April 16, 2020 Drs. Natasha Beauvais, Ken Zweig and Cecily Havert provided thoughtful answers to many of the most currently asked questions about the coronavirus, including:

  • The status of antibody testing, serum plasma donations for treating patients with COVID-19,
  • How to care for yourself or a family member quarantined at home with the virus,
  • New recommendations on social distancing, use of masks and gloves in public places,
  • And more…

8:21: Dr. Havert assures the availability of testing kits and centers in the Nothern Virginia Family Practice (NVFP), discusses the qualifications of patients to be eligible for testing, explains the need for rapid testing, and the accuracy of test results.

21:38: Dr. Zweig explains the difference between bacterial infection and virus, the impacts of COVID-19 to the body, the body’s response to this virus, and the most effective patient treatment thus far.

29:31: Dr. Havert explains the difference between the symptoms of COVID-19 based on its severity, clarifies when a person needs to get hospitalized and gives precautionary measures for the carers of COVID-19 patients at home.

48:23 Dr. Havert reassures people that handwashing is an effective way to wash away the virus in their hands.

55:16: Dr. Zweig shares his ways on how to order take out foods more safely.

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