Concierge Medicine at NVFP

Discover the difference that personalized medical care can make for your long-term health and wellbeing at Northern Virginia Family Practice.

Concierge Medicine Provides the
Highest Quality Care and Patient Experience

Also known as “membership medicine,” “boutique medicine,” or “direct primary care,” concierge medicine is a form of medical practice in which patients like you pay a regular membership fee in exchange for a personalized medical care experience with a dedicated primary care provider–not unlike having a gym membership, but for your health instead of fitness.

The concierge model of medicine means we can focus on providing each of our patients with highly personalized and proactive preventative care and focus on your long-term health and wellness needs. Concierge medicine means you can spend more time with your doctor and receive care and attention that takes all of who you are into account.

Concierge medicine means…

Better Doctor-Patient

More Time With Your Doctor

Less Wait For

The Value of
Concierge Medicine at NVFP

Customized Preventative Care

Concierge medicine at NVFP means comprehensive wellness evaluations and lab panels and exclusive access to wellness programs, all tailored to your needs.

Personalized Family Experience

At NVFP, you receive a personalized care experience not just for you, but for your family as well — with no additional costs for visiting family members.

Enhanced Care from a Top Doctor

With NVFP’s concierge medicine, you can schedule same-day or next-day appointments with top doctors who deliver exceptional care coordination with your speciality care practitioners.

More Time With Your Doctor

Most doctors only have time to spend 15 minutes per patient. With the concierge model, the average time spent per patient is more than twice that. When you visit with your doctor, you know that they will have both eyes on you, not one eye on the clock.

Questions about NVFP’s concierge medical care?

Trust Your Doctor With Concierge Medicine

One of the major benefits of concierge medicine is that since your physician can spend more time with you and focus more on your needs, you’re likely to develop a more trusting and familiar relationship with each other, which does wonders for your health.

Having a strong bond of trust with a direct primary care provider can increase your life expectancy and improve your long-term quality of life.

At NVFP, we build strong and long-lasting relationships not just with you and your physician, but with our staff as well, enabling us to provide personalized white-glove administrative support.

Become Part of a
Health Community

Being a part of NVFP’s concierge medicine patient community opens up a world of wellness programs and education for you so that you can live healthily.

We offer access to exclusive wellness programs and events and educational seminars that cater to our small, tight-knit patient community to deliver the best and most relevant in medical education and empowerment.

Take an Active Role in
Your Wellbeing

We believe in concierge medicine as a way to let the patient take charge of their health. Our philosophy is not just to provide you with medical care, but to support you along every step of the way in assessing your physical and emotional well-being and determining a wellness plan that works just for you.