Be Well Virginia: Healing from Trauma

The next installment in our Mental Fitness series, “Mind Over Matter” will be occurring on Tuesday, March 16th at 7:00​ pm, where we will be exploring ways to start on a path of recovery and healing after facing challenging times. We experience our emotions on many levels- physical, mental, and psychological. Very often, grief and trauma get stored in our minds and body, and we re-experience them when something negative happens. We may over-react or get overwhelmed. Research tells us that healing trauma requires a multi-level approach, that includes our bodies and our brains.

5:40: Dr. Francine Ronis explains that our window of tolerance is our ability to feel, think and act all at the same time and that during moments of trauma our window can become smaller.

10:17: Dr. Francine Ronis describes that chronic trauma is trauma that accumulates over time.

24:45: Dr. Cecily Havert shares that the hardest part about COVID-19 as a health care provider has been not knowing how to help people during this trying time when many have felt traumatized.

31:00: Dr. Francine Ronis shares how feeling like we need to deal with our emotions alone and in private can lead to shame and feeling like no one else goes through the trauma that we do. It can be difficult to know how to heal from trauma when you try to do it alone.

31:30: Dr. Francine Ronis explains that sharing stories and telling of your experiences to others can be an effective way to heal from trauma.

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