Be Well Virginia: Heart Health for Women

NVFP is pleased to welcome cardiologist Dr. Rachel Berger to the latest installment of “Be Well, Virginia”, our Virtual Town Hall. Heart disease has traditionally been viewed as a condition that primarily impacts men, however, a closer look at the data shows that it is actually the #1 cause of death globally for women, and in the U.S. death rates between men and women are about the same, proving without a doubt that this is a condition that can affect us all. Historically, cardiovascular disease research has largely excluded women, and it’s not until recently that there has been an extra push to understand how heart disease impacts women, which is similar in some ways, but also very different in others when compared to men. Not recognizing these differences in symptomatology can lead to delays in care and therefore worse outcomes for women.

3:55: Dr. Rachel Berger states that cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of women and that 1 in 4 women will die as a result of heart disease.

5:38: Dr. Rachel Berger describes how women’s health complaints may not be taken as seriously as a mans and as a result cardiovascular disease in women can often be overlooked.

17:44: Dr. Rachel Berger goes over the risk factors for heart disease among women.

29:09: Dr. Rachel Berger shares that women who develop preeclampsia during pregnancy are twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease later in life.

54:20: Dr. Rachel Berger explains how inflammation and heart disease are intimately related. She states that inflammation can play a big role in cardiovascular disease.

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