Be Well Virginia: Latest Developments in the Pandemic

In our seventh Town Hall session of “Be Well, Virginia”, June 4, 2020, Dr. Ian Seemungal, an infectious disease specialist from Virginia Hospital Center, discussed the latest developments in the COVID pandemic, in our area, and across the country. Dr. Seemungal has been recognized as a Washingtonian “Top Doc” for each of the last five years and has been active in caring for COVID patients in our area. Click below to watch, listen, learn, and enjoy!

9:44: Dr. Seemungal discusses the effectivity, validity, specificity, and sensitivity of available antibody tests in West Virginia.

22:24: Dr. Seemungal suggests the most effective therapeutic option for patients with COVID-19 and supports it with the results from various studies.

31:51: Dr. Seemungal shares the most difficult challenge they faced in mass testing and provides a more efficient way to address this problem – by prioritizing high-risk persons.

45:18: Dr. Seemungal advises people not to use UV lights at home because they are not the same as the ones that they use in hospitals.

53:22: Dr. Seemungal explains how rapid tests can be useful in mitigating the spread of coronavirus and hopes that they will soon be able to develop more sensitive-specific testing kits.

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