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AgeProof Your Body Research Roundup: Our Top 4 Heart Health Articles for February 2022

As a nod to American Heart Month in February, AgeProof Your Body took a deep dive into our favorite research regarding heart health. What did we find? Movement in the present can translate into a strong and resilient heart and body for years to come.

     1.❤️ Movement Essential for Heart Health

Physical inactivity is equivalent to (or perhaps even riskier than) heart problems.

In a landmark study from the 1950s, a group of researchers found that individuals with physically demanding jobs like mail carriers had approximately 50% lower rates of coronary heart disease when compared to the more sedentary jobs like bus drivers and desk clerks. 😮

These findings jumpstarted a worldwide interest in the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular mortality.

Exercise-induced health benefits are seen with increased physical activity or structured exercise programs.  These include the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors such as:

  • Hypertension
  • Body inflammation
  • LDL (“bad cholesterol”) levels
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Overall body fat, and more!

Sedentary behavior can be detrimental to our heart health! Keep moving to stay in your best health today.

     2.❤️ Wearables For Better Health?

Many people are walking around with supercomputers in their pockets or on their wrists. But to what extent does using these devices affect our health?

This article specifically looked at a population with cardiometabolic conditions, such as diabetes, prediabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Researchers compiled data from 38 different randomized clinical trials with 4203 participants in total to determine that…

Yes, indeed! wearable activity trackers were associated with improvements in physical activity levels.

Some other areas of improvement included improved:

  • Body weight or BMI
  • Blood glucose level
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels

Furthermore, they note that regular consultations with a health professional, in addition to wearable activity tracking, is an important factor to achieve full benefit. Check with your NVFP physician to see if a wearable may be a good choice for you!

     3.❤️ Exercise to Reduce Risk for Heart Disease

The bad news – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The good news? We know exercise consistently reduces your risk for heart disease. But, exercise also:

  • Reduce the likelihood of death from heart disease.
  • AND reduces the likelihood of developing it in the first place!

Big wins! So, no excuses – Let’s get moving and improve your heart health today!

     4.❤️ Motivation to Invest in YOU!

Are you between 20-78 and in need of some motivation? Well, listen up!

It turns out that your fitness in mid-life (defined as 20-78 years old) just might be a predictor of your heart and lung health later in life. Training for a lifetime can reflect in a lowered risk for:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Mortality

What does that tell us? There’s no time to waste. Exercise now pays dividends for years.

The running theme for these heart health articles?

Exercise can significantly reduce risk factors for poor health and cardiovascular diseaseno matter who you are or what pre-existing conditions you may have. 🎉

Safety reminder: check with your NVFP physician before starting new exercise programs! In need of any physical therapy before you get started? Check out MovementX for concierge services right to your doorstep!

Also be sure to check out the AgeProof Your Body membership to get started with regular exercise programming made specifically for healthy and independent aging.

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