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The snow and ice may have us cooped up inside, but luckily we have APYB to keep us company!! Check out the new exercise videos with narration  An incredible article about the power of Movement as Medicine Find your EMOM(s) of the week  Accountability still available ✅  And saving the best for last  See some Bloopers from our video shoot in Portland!   Hope you enjoy as much as we did!!

Primer: Core Strengthening

Here are the exercises we will be covering tomorrow. Please take time to review this content before class! We have recorded demonstrations, each of which has narration to guide you through each exercise and their respective levels. See all corresponding hyperlinks below!

  • Supine 90/90

○     L1: Alternating Arm Extensions

○     L2: Alternating Leg Extensions

○     L3: Alternating Arm/Leg Extensions

  • Side Plank

○     L1: Chair/Wall Side Plank

○     L2: Kneeling Side Plank

○     L3: Full Side Plank

  • Health Lifts

○     L1: Hip Hinge

○     L2: Double Leg Health Lift

○     L3: Single Leg Deadlift

Class Details and Reminders

  • When – LIVE! Class Time: Monday, February 15th at 12:00-1:00pm EST (9-10am PST). Doors will open at 11:45 am EST (8:45 am PST) for those with any questions or who would like to engage with the community prior to officially starting.
  • Where: For Monday’s class, simply click the link highlighted here when the time comes! This link and password below will remain the same for access to all classes offered during the membership programming. The password is: 116899.
  • Equipment: All you will need for Monday’s class is:
    • A stable chair of about average height
    • An exercise mat or towel and water bottle
    • Exercise attire and comfortable shoes
    • To add resistance/load to your movements, please have dumbbells or weighted household items.

Movement is Medicine!

43 years old Tom Brady is now a 7 time Superbowl winner. Even though the NFL has tried to age him out, Brady keeps coming back and showing up stronger than before.

“This has nothing to do with genetics or luck. He must spend an incredible amount of time focusing on this: flexibility, mobility, pliability, and simply put, longevity.”  -Lance Armstrong in reference to Tom Brady

Movement can be the key to our health, our longevity, and our ability to live and play the way we intend to! In an article written by Pedersen & Saltin (2015), movement is used as the prescription for the management of 26 different chronic diseases, from psychiatric and neurological disorders to metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders. The profound effect of movement on our health is undeniable. And absolutely inspiring!

Remember that you have a team of physical therapists and personal trainers that can help you achieve just about anything you want with prescribed movement and focused attention. Maybe you want to get your A1C down, or you’ve been inspired to race a 5k but you have questions! Reach out to to be paired with a provider for a free consultation.

EMOM of the week!

We LOVE our EMOM format  And want you to keep moving outside of class! Try one of the EMOMs below this week and practice what you have learned.

Core Focus EMOM:

9 min EMOM with exercises below: 3 exercises, 3 rounds

12 min EMOM with exercises below: 3 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Side Plank
  • Supine 90/90
  • Plank

Lower Focus EMOM:

9 min EMOM with exercises below: 3 exercises, 3 rounds

12 min EMOM with exercises below: 3 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Squats
  • Health Lifts
  • Balance

Accountability Still Available!

Remember: The Accountability Package gives you one-on-one feedback each week with a MovementX provider! We will be helping you track minutes exercised, what type of exercise was done during the week, how hard the exercise felt, suggestions for leveling up or down in exercises, and direct feedback for questions that come up throughout our series! Try the form here to give it a test drive and see what you think!

Why it matters: Accountability helps us stay on track to reach our goals, let us help you do just that! Accountability Package (<— click here to purchase!) Reach out to for more information.


We had so much fun creating new APYB content. We had several blooper moments over many hours of recording, and here are a couple of favorites. Have a good laugh as you enjoy these blunders!

Puppy Bomb: Our favorite four-legged friends couldn’t stay away!

Mind Melt: Was it left arm right leg? Or right arm left leg?!? Ummm…

Questions? If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or Josh at We want you to feel supported and empowered as we get started!

Thank you so much for your continued investment in your health, wellness, and ability to move well. We look forward to this continued journey together!

Yours in good health,

Meredith and the MovementX + NVFP Team

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