AgeProof Your Body: Agility


Hello APYB! Get ready to move your feet with our agility class!  Next week we have a post-assessment class which, will wrap our 10-week APYB winter series.

Remember- just because the series is almost over does not mean APYB is going anywhere! After our post-assessment class, we will resume our topic-based classes starting with Yoga on April 12th 🧘‍♀️Let’s keep up the good work!

Find your newest exercise videos with narration  Resistance training and heart health  EMOM(s) of the week  Recognizing our all-star APYB members!  And of course, a shoutout to our newest APYB members!  Check out below!

Primer: Agility

Here are the exercises we will cover on Monday. Please take time to review this content before class! See all corresponding hyperlinks below!

Class Details and Reminders

When – LIVE! Class Time: Monday, March 29th at 12:00-1:00pm EST (9-10am PST). Doors will open at 11:45 am EST (8:45 am PST) for those with any questions or who would like to engage with the community prior to officially starting.

Where: For Monday’s class, simply click the link highlighted here when the time comes! The password is: 116899.

Equipment: All you will need for Monday’s class is:

  • A stable chair of about average height
  • Exercise attire, comfortable shoes, and water
  • A great attitude and willingness to get sweaty! 

Resistance Training and Heart Health

We have talked about exercise and what it means for joint health, bone health, and brain health. Now, let’s look at heart health!

Yes, but: With heart health, we almost always think of cardiovascular exercise. But what about all of the resistance training we have been doing? Does that have any benefit to heart health?

Big picture: Resistance training has a profound effect on heart health, and can most certainly be used as an alternative to cardio in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Go deeper: “Those who did at least an hour per week of weight training (using free weights or weight machines) had a 40% to 70% lower risk of heart attack or stroke compared with those who did not exercise” (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019). Read that again. 40% to 70% reduction of heart attack and stroke!

What’s next: Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 1st, 12PMEST/9AM PST! We have a cardiac nurse practitioner joining us for a town hall discussion.

Charles Martinez, NP practices at a cardiology clinic and is passionate about keeping his clients healthy and happy through preventative heart health measures. Join us on 5/1/2021 to learn more!

Also, please remember we can help! You have a team of physical therapists and personal trainers that can help create a resistance training program specific to you and your needs.

Please reach out to [email protected] to be paired with a provider for a free consultation!

EMOMs of the week!

We LOVE our EMOM format  And want you to keep moving outside of class! Try one of the EMOMs below this week and practice what you have learned.

Why it matters: Have you noticed that these EMOMS are getting a little more complex? As you grow with the APYB programming, we hope that you continue to take on each new EMOM challenge!

Level Up Upper Body EMOM:

12 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 2 rounds

18 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 3 rounds

24 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Push-Ups
  • Row
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Overhead Press
  • Angels
  • Plank

The Heart Pumper EMOM:

16 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 2 rounds

24 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 3 rounds

32 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Shuffling
  • Overhead Press
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Endurance
  • Supine 90/90
  • Push-ups

All-Star   APYB Members!

For almost 6 months, we have been keeping track of who is coming to class. Consistency is key in exercise programming, and SO many of you have made APYB a priority in your Monday routine!

Let’s take time to recognize those members who have logged in for 20 or more classes out of the past 26 weeks… WOW!  

  • Amy D
  • Beth C
  • Bill & Bonnie M
  • Cheryl D
  • Christine D
  • Ellen R
  • JoAnn M
  • Kirk F
  • Nancy H
  • Nancy R
  • Neal and Jennifer B
  • Pam D
  • Pam P
  • Peter K
  • Ron C
  • Sara S
  • Seema N
  • Shuja N
  • Stan G
  • Susan M
  • Tom M
  • Victoria A

We appreciate your commitment to yourself and to APYB! Thank you for being such an important part of our community!

Welcome to APYB!

Please join me in welcoming our newest AgeProof member! Thank you for being a part of our growing community!

  • Debi S.

As we continue to grow, thanks to each and every one of you that spread the word and believe in our mission to Move Well and Live Well!

Questions? If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] or Josh at [email protected]. We want you to feel supported and empowered as we get started!

Thank you so much for your continued investment in your health, wellness, and ability to move well. We look forward to this continued journey together!

Yours in good health,

Meredith and the MovementX + NVFP Team

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