AgeProof Your Body: Post-Assessment


Hello APYB! We have our post-assessment class this Monday to wrap our current series! Time flies when you are Age-Proofing!

We will resume our topic-based classes starting with yoga on April 12th 🧘‍♀️We will have a special guest joining us for yoga, so mark your calendars!

Post-assessment refresher and Google form for data collection  Ability as a determining factor, not age  🦸 EMOM(s) of the week  Congrats to you, grads!  Check out below!

Primer: Post-Assessment

The APYB series is built around functional movement patterns that we believe can help you live AgeProof  So let’s see how consistent exercise has directly impacted you!

Why it matters:  How do you see if your fitness levels have improved since our first class? Use the same tests and see if your results have improved! Remember, the following tests are all backed by science to prove their value in functional fitness status.

Post-Assessment Testing

The bottom line: Take time to recognize the work you have put in, and the changes you may feel day in and day out. Regardless of results, we hope that you feel stronger and steadier as you AgeProof Your Body

Class Details and Reminders

Newsletter 11

When – LIVE! Class Time: Monday, April 5th at 12:00-1:00pm EST (9-10am PST). Doors will open at 11:45 am EST (8:45 am PST) for those with any questions or who would like to engage with the community prior to officially starting.

Where: For Monday’s class, simply click the link highlighted here when the time comes! The password is: 116899.

Equipment: All you will need for Monday’s class is:

  • A stable chair of about average height
  • Exercise attire, comfortable shoes, and water

Ability, Not Age as a Determinant 🦸

Exercise recommendations are often based on age. This is true even for health organizations such as the CDC. However, you might notice that these CDC recommendations are almost identical to those for younger people.

Go deeper: Generalized age-based exercise recommendations can often be attributed to assumptions of ability. Assumptions based on age can also be compounded by safety concerns such as risk or falls, or changes in muscle mass for aging adults.

Why it matters: “When choosing what type of exercise to do, it’s your ability,  not your age that should be your primary consideration… Prescribing training based on a person’s age is too simplistic, as people can be very different from one another” (Elliott, 2020). Not to mention the obvious benefits of exercise on reducing the risk of falls, as well as helping maintain good muscle mass ✅✅

Say it louder for those in the back!  ABILITY, NOT AGE!

The bottom line: AgeProof is built on this concept, where we provide levels 1, 2, and 3 in an effort to help you find what is appropriate for you while giving you the option to challenge your own capabilities!

Curious about what level is best for you? You have a team of physical therapists and personal trainers that can help create a resistance training program specific to you and your ability, regardless of your age!

Please reach out to [email protected] to be paired with a provider for a free consultation!

EMOMs of the week!

We LOVE our EMOM format And want you to keep moving outside of class! Try one of the EMOMs below this week and practice what you have learned.

Why it matters: Have you noticed that these EMOMS are getting a little more complex? As you grow with the APYB programming, we hope that you continue to take on each new EMOM challenge!

Side to Side EMOM:

12 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 2 rounds

18 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 3 rounds

24 min EMOM with exercises below: 6 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Side Plank
  • Shuffling
  • Hip Aduction
  • Stepping
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Balance Adaptability

The Head to Toe EMOM:

16 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 2 rounds

24 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 3 rounds

32 min EMOM with exercises below: 8 exercises, 4 rounds

  • Overhead Press
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Rows
  • Health Lifts
  • Supine 90/90
  • Squats
  • Forward Lunge
  • Calf Raises

Congratulations APYB Graduates!

When we first started teaching AgeProof at a local community center in Alexandria, VA, we had no idea how far the program would or could go.

Big picture: Now with AgeProof being offered digitally, the breadth of impact from coast to coast has truly been inspiring. Starting each week with AgeProof brings a smile to my face, and I hope it does the same for you!

So Congratulations, Graduates! You have completed an AgeProof series and you are stronger for it.

Thank you for your commitment and hard work each week, each day, each EMOM, and each movement. You deserve to celebrate! 

Questions? If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] or Josh at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your continued investment in your health, wellness, and ability to move well. We look forward to this continued journey together!

Yours in good health,

Meredith and the MovementX + NVFP Team

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