Be Well Virginia: Ageproof Your Body

In our sixth town hall session, Dr. Natasha Beauvais welcomed Josh D’Angelo, DPT, and the expert Doctors of Physical Therapy and Personal Trainers at MovementX to discuss the importance of exercise during this time of COVID-19 and introduced the new online version of the popular AgeProof Your Body class series.

During this one hour presentation, the MovementX team explains how they plan to make the online class feel just as personalized, community-driven, and impactful as ever. Also, Dr. Beauvais talks about how AgeProof Your Body was created to solve a problem she witnessed during her twenty years of patient care, as well as while trying to reclaim her own ability to move.

9:27: Dr. Beauvais shares her patient’s experience of body pain due to their age, and the way she sought answers on how to alleviate her patient’s condition.

16:05: Josh D’Angelo, DPT shares how he and Dr. Beauvais come up with the idea of developing the course for physical wellness.

24:00: Josh D’Angelo, DPT explains the importance of balance and asks Dr. Beauvais to demonstrate the correct posture to lower the risk of falling.

43:03: Josh D’Angelo, DPT discusses the benefits of each of the three levels of signing up in their AgeProof Your Body class series.

52:25: Dr. McAfee explains how people can join their class via a zoom link and guides them on how to access the link.

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