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Delivering Bad News with Dr. Deb Brauer

Delivering bad news can be the hardest part of practicing medicine, and it’s also likely to be one of the most important moments of a patient’s life. Dr. Natasha Beauvais and Dr. Cecily Havert talk with Dr. Deb Brauer, a Board Certified Gastroenterologist practicing in Northern Virginia. Dr. Brauer shares the story of a patient to whom she had to deliver bad news, and how that experience has stuck with her throughout her career. She also talks about the decision to enter gastroenterology and the satisfaction the field brings her on a regular basis

Episode Highlights:

    • 0:34 – Dr. Cecily Havert begins the episode by introducing Dr. Deb Brauer, a Gastroenterologist who practices in Northern Virginia.
    • 2:06 – 7:11 – Dr. Brauer talks more about her background and recalls the “lightning bolt” moment that made her want to practice gastroenterology.
    • 8:04 – 11:49 – Dr. Brauer shares a story about a particular patient that she had to deliver bad news to, and the lasting effect it has had on her.
    • 12:00 – 14:52 – “Because we were both so close in age and in our stages in life, it was definitely something that would stick in my mind forever.”
    • 15:07 – 20:20 – Setting the right tone is crucial to giving bad news. The providers discuss different tactics when giving bad news and how experience has taught them throughout their careers.
    • 20:01 – 21:42 – Have you ever had a patient who didn’t want to know what the diagnosis is? How do you address a patient who doesn’t want the proposed treatment because they do not want to accept the diagnosis?
    • 21:45 – 24:56 – Dr. Brauer talks about the relationship between her and the patient – “She’s definitely a really special patient to me.”
    • 25:20 – 31:43 – What has this situation taught you? The providers talk about their experiences with sharing difficult news, building trust with their patients, and the relationships they form with their patients.
    • 32:45 – Dr. Beauvais thanks Dr. Brauer for sharing her story and expertise, and points listeners where to find more content from Living Breathing Medicine Podcast.

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