Living Breathing Medicine Podcast 

Simply Caring with Dr. Cecily Havert

For the final episode of Season 1, Dr. Cecily Havert tells Dr. Natasha Beauvais the story of a memorable patient she met with recently, and how that relationship has evolved over time.

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Episode Highlights:

    • 0:34 – Dr. Natasha Beauvais begins episode nine with an introduction for Dr. Cecily Havert, and kicks off the conversation by asking – “Could you take a look at your schedule from the last two days and pick out whatever jumps up into your mind as a significant medical or relationship experience?”
    • 1:48 – 4:31 – “Yeah, she’s somebody that holds a pretty special place in my heart and my soul.” Dr. Havert picks a patient that she has developed a close relationship with and has helped the patient through their struggles with addiction.
    • 4:38 – 9:25 – “And as part of the healing process, especially for her, she needed somebody she could connect with.”
    • 9:31 – 13:31 – “I would always tell her – I’m your biggest fan! I’m your cheerleader, you know? You’re doing all the hard work, and I hope you know I’ve got your back.”
    • 13:53 – 16:30 – Dr. Havert tells the story of when her patient had a grand mal seizure in her office and how that was the turning point for both the patient and Dr. Havert. “That’s her essence. And it took me a while to find out that that’s really who she is, that she has this huge heart, that’s so caring.”
    • 16:51 – 23:44 – The providers talk about developing trusting relationships with their patients, and the importance of removing all judgement from the exam room.
    • 24:10 – 27:36 – “And I’m wondering, at what point in your medical career did you begin to feel like you could name that confidence in yourself?”
    • 27:41 – 29:47 – Dr. Beauvais thanks Dr. Havert for her time and for her candor – “This conversation conveys such deep attention to your patient’s needs and experiences.”

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