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Providing Quality Care with Endocrinologist, Dr. Denise Armellini

On episode six of the Living Breathing Medicine podcast, Dr. Natasha Beauvais and Dr. Cecily Havert chat with Dr. Denise Armellini of The Endocrine Center about why the three of them each changed their mode of practice to the concierge medicine model. Transforming their practices into concierge medicine models has allowed them all to take more time with patients, as well as more time for themselves.

Event Highlights:

  • 0:09 – 1:34 – Dr. Natasha Beauvais opens episode six of the Living Breathing Medicine Podcast by introducing their guest, Endocrinologist, Dr. Denise Armellini, and briefly explaining the benefits of the concierge medicine model.
  • 1:36 – 6:30 – Dr. Armellini begins by telling the listeners about herself, the types of patients she sees, and what she enjoys most about her practice. “I consider myself an internist and endocrinologist as well. As an endocrinologist, I think you deal with many conditions that affect every part of your body.”
  • 6:57 – 11:26 – Why concierge medicine? What drew you to making the switch to concierge medicine? Dr. Armellini discusses how she got into concierge medicine and how it has impacted patient relationships and patient care.
  • 11:40 – 20:59 – “I think in a way, when you have more time with the patient, you’re able to make better choices for the patient. Because when you try to decide on a treatment plan for a patient, it’s just not a matter of just pushing appeal.” The providers discuss how the concierge medicine model allows them more time for their patients and the ability for better mutual collaborative care.
  • 21:03 – 29:10 – “What made you choose endocrinology? Did it take you a while to figure out that this is something you wanted to do? How did you come to this decision?” Dr. Armellini discusses why she chose endocrinology and what led her to make the switch to concierge medicine.
  • 29:28 – 38:54 – “Because you charge a fee for the patients to become part of the practice, you still have some who can’t be part of it because they can’t afford it but still need you. So you still feel guilty about it. You know, all we want to do is to take care of people. But on the other hand, you want to take care of the people in the right way by spending more time with them.” The providers discuss the concept of concierge medicine, including the pros and cons of concierge medicine.
  • 39:14 – 43:06 – The providers spend time discussing how much joy they get out of their work compared to how they felt while working in the traditional healthcare model. “I feel like I’m much more effective. As an educator, as a teacher, and as a doctor, I also feel like I’m able to deliver more compassion to my patients, just because I have more time. There have been some studies that show that when you are able to deliver that compassion to patients, that makes us feel more satisfied, as providers.”
  • 43:10 – 50:41 – Are there other endocrinologists who are practicing under the concierge medicine model? Dr. Armellini discusses her relationship with other endocrinologists and shares a story about a patient who needed collaborative care.
  • 51:02 – 52:51 – Dr. Beauvais concludes the episode by thanking Dr. Armellini for her time and for such a great conversation about the positive impact of concierge medicine.


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