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NVFP Mental Fitness Series with Wendy Reed-Class 3/3



Bridge to a Better, Happier You: Engage Your “Sage”

When we’re struggling with challenging life circumstances and negative perceptions of ourselves or others, it can feel like the journey of a thousand miles to access innovative, curious, purpose-driven, clear-headed parts of ourselves. These live in our “Sage brain.”

The good news? There’s a tried and true perspective we can use to bridge to the Sage. From here, we can engage any of 5 “superpowers” to bring the perspective to life, and experience more energy and joy in the process.


Join us to begin building up your Sage Mental Muscle and get familiar with operating from this more positive part of your brain. You will:

• Learn and apply the Sage Perspective against 1 life challenge

• Try on the 3 Gifts Technique

• Practice one or more of the 5 Superpowers

• Leave with a doable commitment to using your Sage muscles

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