Pediatric Perspectives: What Are Some Ideas You’ve Used for Gifts Recently?


Pediatric Perspectives: What Are Some Ideas You’ve Used for Gifts Recently?

As I’ve been doing my own holiday shopping for the kids in my life, I really try to think about where they are developmentally and what gifts they’ll like best. Kids love learning new skills and will seek out every opportunity to use these skills while they’re playing! So, if your gifts line up with what they’re working on developmentally the gifts will not only be a big hit with the kids, but it will help reinforce the skills they’re working on.

Rather than one big gift, I’ve given some subscription services focusing on educational and developmental play. KiwiCo has more of a STEAM focus and Lovevery uses Montessori principles. For babies learning to walk push toys are a great way to support walking. (Downside – they aren’t so gentle on the corners and baseboards – so check with parents first!) Shape sorters help kids learn fine motor and matching skills.

For older toddlers I often buy “busy boards” – these have fine motor activities that kids can do while sitting still in the car or on a plane. I also recently re-discovered that Highlights magazine is still around and has different editions focused on different ages – a great gift idea for families who feel like they don’t have room for more stuff!

Looking for other ideas? 

Here is a great set of gift guides by an occupational therapist – for different ages and developmental stages. Note: I don’t have any affiliation with any of the above brands/products – these are just some examples of ones I think make great gifts for kids!

Dr. Elizabeth Cilenti

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