A Clinton, Maryland native, Susan Perry joined NVFP in January 2023. Due to her passion for people and helping those in need, a healthcare career was a natural fit for Susan. What she enjoys most about working at NVFP is the relationship she has with Dr. Cecily Havert, her co-workers, and the direction and support she receives whenever necessary. Her long-term career goals include hosting motivation groups about mind, body, and soul, as well as podcasting and blogging. Susan has three daughters that she could not be prouder of, one grandson, and multiple siblings that she is very close to. Outside of the office, Susan enjoys meditating, hiking, reading, exercising, writing, and spending time with her family. As Susan states, “I am a work in progress, but I like to think that at the end of the day, I’ve done something that matters, I’ve learned from my mishaps, and most importantly, I made someone smile.”