Be Well Virginia: COVID-19 and the GI-Tract

In our second town hall session, April 23, 2020, NVFP physicians welcomed their friend and colleague, Dr. Deborah Brauer, an experienced GI physician, for a fascinating discussion on COVID-19 as it relates to the GI tract, and the effects of the pandemic on managing chronic medical conditions.

8:55: Dr. Bauer differentiates the GI manifestations of people with COVID-19 from common symptoms of GI illnesses, and explains when healthcare professionals should advise their patients to undergo COVID-testing.

17:31: Dr. Bauer shares how they transitioned to telemedicine and its benefits for both the doctors and patients.

25:40: Dr. Bauer advises people who have GI manifestations to stay calm and contact their physicians immediately; especially, if they also experience respiratory problems along with it.

29:29: Dr. Beauvais gives an update about the COVID-19 situation and how they handle their patients, in which almost half of them have the virus.

47:46: Dr. Beauvais explains how to distinguish asthma and allergies from COVID-19 symptoms and how their management monitors the progress of such symptoms.

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