Be Well Virginia: Psychological Impact of Current Pandemic

In our third town hall session on May 1, 2020, NVFP physicians welcomed two experienced mental health professionals from the region, Dr. Jennifer Santoro (psychiatrist), and Robyn Brickel, MA, LMFT (psychotherapist), who shared their insights on the psychological impact that the current pandemic has had on our community, ways to cope, and thoughts about the future.

7:46: Dr. Santoro shares the psychological impacts of the current pandemic that she observes from her patients and other people around her.

13:00: Dr. Santoro and Robyn Brickel, M.A., LMFT briefly explain how they treat sleep disorders and advise on how one can regulate their sleep well and avoid further sleep problems.

30:13: Robyn Brickel, M.A., LMFT gives tips on how parents can handle their emotions and explain to their children the current pandemic without negatively affecting their psychological well-being.

40:38: Dr. Santoro discusses the advantages and disadvantages of doing things to kill time while at home and reminds people to avoid exhausting themselves by allotting time to relax.

55:11: Robyn Brickel, M.A., LMFT provides ways on how people can deal with their anxiety about going out and getting back to their routines.

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