NVFP Presents: Healthy Approaches to Weight Management

When it comes to weight management, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Join Dr. Maria Castillo-Catoni and Dr. Ira Marathe for a town hall discussion about the implications of the rising obesity epidemic and strategies to help patients manage their weight effectively.

Event Highlights:

  • 0:16 – 1:14 – Dr. Maria Castillo-Catoni begins the town hall with a few housekeeping items, and introduces her guest, Dr. Ira Marathe.
  • 1:16 – 5:00 – Dr. Marathe begins her presentation with statistics regarding the on-going obesity epidemic. “Is it just in the United States? – No, this is a global epidemic; in the past 40 years, there’s not a single country that has experienced a reduction in their prevalence of obesity.”
  • 5:06 – 10:36 – What are the causes of weight gain? Dr. Marathe explains the many factors that contribute to weight gain, including medications, lifestyle, and more.
  • 10:59 – 13:28 – Dr. Castillo-Catoni brings up a poll question for Dr. Marathe – What are you hoping to learn from tonight’s town hall event?
  • 13:28 – 17:18 – “Obesity is a disease – a metabolic disorder, in fact. It’s not really a lifestyle choice that a lot of people think it is. And I think once they start understanding that it puts them in a place and mindset where they can make these efforts because otherwise, they beat themselves up along the way and that never leads to much success.”
  • 17:32 – 24:24 – Dr. Castillo-Catoni asks the audience, “Have you ever asked your doctor about your weight?” The providers discuss the barrier that perceived judgement creates, and they urge attendees to be as open with their providers as possible.
  • 25:58 – 31:10 – “I never want my patients to eat food that doesn’t taste good. I mean, I don’t wanna eat food that doesn’t taste good! So not only does it have to taste good, but it needs to nourish us – that’s the purpose of food, right?” Dr. Marathe discusses the evolution of our relationship with food as a society.
  • 32:12 – 43:13 – Dr. Marathe goes into depth about her beliefs in self-compassion and having a positive mindset – “I do spend a lot of time in the beginning around self-compassion and nourishing of their own sort of soul and self, which has been beaten up by the stops/starts, struggles, and the stigma of living in a larger body. Self-compassion and self-esteem are huge.”
  • 43:30 – 51:52 – Dr. Castillo-Catoni asks the last poll question, gauging what percent of the audience would be willing to take medication to help with their weight loss. The providers then discuss the multiple medications and surgeries available to patients.
  • 52:40 – 58:33 – The providers end the town hall with a Q&A session.

Contact Information for our Speaker:

Dr. Ira Marathe Lifetime Concierge Internal Medicine – Phone: (703) 828-0799


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